MRI Wrist & Hand

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Editors: M. Shahabpour, A. Isaac, M. De Jonge
This book offers a reliable standard for hand and wrist imaging. High expertise from recognized specialists in hand diagnostics, interdisciplinary radiology and hand surgery are responsible for optimal knowledge transfer. The abundantly illustrated publication provides a comprehensive reference for radiologists, residents, sports medicine physicians and surgeons who have to do with hand and wrist conditions.
Key features of “MRI Wrist & Hand”:
– A unique didactic concept
– More than 1100 images and illustrations
– An excellent educational guide for radiologists and surgeons
– 28 Individual chapters address specific topics
1st English edition, Hardcover edition, English, 344 pp
ISBN: 978-3-902933-84-3, DOI: 10.30415/9783902933843
Price: € 199,00 (VAT included, shipping excluded)
The content of the book is available digitally at no additional cost in the platform eRef (access code in the book). With the free eRef app, you always have plenty of content at hand, even offline. NEW: this book was printed climate neutral in Austria.
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