MRI of the joints

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Radiology thrives on the art of making medical diagnoses of patterns. The best way to memorise these is by applying explanatory graphs and diagrams. This book is intended for those interested in MR diagnosis of the joints and provides an essential resource for radiologists, orthopaedic surgeons, sports doctors and trauma surgeons.
The radiology of the joints is explained on 100 pages, in 200 original hand drawings from Martin Breitenseher and using mnemonics. The publication is a bestseller in German and has now been translated into English.
Special features:
––The important diagnostic patterns for the specialist area of joint MRI are discussed.
––The graphic representation extends the understanding of injuries and the anatomy.
––Clear visual language learning improves retention greatly.
––This book includes free access to a digital copy on eRef.
MRI of the joints: the perfect companion for everyday diagnosis practice.
ISBN: 978-3-902933-83-6
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