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Prostate – Multimodal Imaging

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As the most frequent carcinoma of the man, the carcinoma of the prostate is moving more and more to the center of interest – similar to woman’s breast carcinoma (blue ribbon – pink ribbon): nowadays the modern imaging for detecting and staging of the prostate carcinoma gets more and more popular in the fields of radiology and urology.
This book shows the radiological and urological perspective and thought of multiparametric imaging and also its limitations.
Moreover, it informs about system requirements of image interpretation, structured reporting and radiologically targeted biopsy options.

Priv.Doz. Dr. Friedrich Aigner
Priv.Doz. Dr. Mohsen Beheshti
OÄ Dr. Silke Haim
Prim. Univ.Prof. Dr. Werner Langsteger
Univ.Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Horninger
Priv.Doz. Dr. Leo Pallwein-Prettner

1. Imaging Techniques
2. Anatomy and Regular Findings
3. Detection of Prostate Carcinoma by MRI
4. Detection of Prostate Cancer by TRUS
5. Pitfalls and Differential Diagnosis
6. Strategy and Practical Implementation of Prostate Biopsy
7. Planning Therapy and Active Surveillance
8. PET CT in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

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